4 Cupboards to Include in your Flatpax Kitchen

Not every kitchen renovation needs to be large, custom-built and expensive. Whether you’re replacing the kitchen in your investment property, or you would like to add in a secondary kitchen or kitchenette, the Flatpax Utility range has all your kitchen cabinet essentials to get you great value for your money without compromising on functionality or over-capitalising.

Flatpax Utility has a range of floor, wall, drawer, tall and feature cupboards in various sizes so you’ll find a combination of cabinets that suits your space and kitchen storage requirements.

Read on to see which four Flatpax Utility cupboards you should be including in your kitchen design.

New Oven Cupboard and Rangehood Cabinet

The Flatpax Utility range has two recent cupboard additions – a 600mm Rangehood Cupboard and 600mm Oven Cupboard. With these additions you can utilise a slide out rangehood and have a built-in oven for tidy and sleek look.

Tall Cupboard to Act as a Pantry

Our versatile 450mm 1 Door Tall Cupboard is also a great addition in the kitchen that can provide plenty of pantry storage for food, appliances or crockery.

Tip: If you’d like to create an even larger pantry, you can place two 450mm 1 Door Tall Cupboards side-by-side. Just remember to attach the door on opposite sides with both handles in the centre.

Drawer Cupboards for Utensil and Pot Storage

Another essential kitchen cupboard is our 600mm 3 Drawer Cupboard. The top drawers are the perfect spot to organise your cutlery and utensils, while the deeper bottom drawer provides great storage space for pots and pans. Drawers are a great way to maximise the vertical storage space you have available so if space allows, incorporate a couple of drawer cabinets into your kitchen design.

Then work within the space you have and fill your design with as many Wall and Floor Cupboards as you need. Finishing off your laundry cupboards is easy with kaboodle benchtops, available in a range of on-trend and durable timber or laminate options via Bunnings.

Check out our how it works page for measuring tips and to ensure you’ve got the tools you need to start assembling your kitchen. If you’re ready to get started, use our store locator to find your nearest Bunnings Warehouse that stocks Flatpax Utility for you to take home today, or purchase directly from the Bunnings Website.

Creating a functional kitchen on a budget has never been easier!

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